At Rennicks Chiropractic, our Chiropractic technique of choice is known as Torque Release Technique. We use this incredibly precise and gentle technique in order to restore normal spinal and nerve function.

This gentle adjusting device is used to restore proper motion to your spine.

Torque Release Technique focuses a lot of attention to the strategic and vital connection points between the spinal cord and spinal column. As we gently and methodically adjust these areas of your spinal cord, we are changing the degree of tension in the central nervous system in an effort to change the “notes” that result. That is, a better level of tension.

If your spine is getting tight, your ‘nerves’ will be getting tense. If your emotions are getting strung-out, your spine will be winding up. When we release your spine, your emotions will relax. When you unwind your mind, your spine will release.

What about my pain? Pain is not always a reliable sign of what is wrong, how much something is wrong, or where something is wrong. The good news is that TRT is a system that aims to detect and direct Dr. Rennicks to the source of spinal tension, and the adjustments are focused to reduce this root of your problems.

If your nervous system is able to effectively dissipate the stresses that it is exposed to, it will allow your body the flexibility to thrive in the circumstances; regardless of whether the stress is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or chemical. If your nervous system stores and even amplifies the stress, then your body will progress towards overload.